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Zomg, zomg, zomg, so excited for this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


I need some help spreading the word about the Chester 5000 book!

If you’d like to help you could also win a copy of the book! Just reblog this post and leave a reply with your email address so I can contact you. On September 28th I’ll randomly choose a winner!

What you get:
-A brand new signed copy of Chester 5000 XYV with your choice of character sketched inside
-A Chester paper doll
-A signed print

You can also read all of Chester 5000 XYV online (NSFW, 18+)
The only difference between the online version and the book is that the art in the book has been re-scanned at a higher resolution and re-cleaned. Some of the art has been redone for the sake of consistency and I can assure that it’s a very handsome volume.

Thanks, I love you! :D

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